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About the Temple

Since ages temple worship is considered as a means to empower human beings both ethically and spiritually. Temple worship is a uniqe blend of principles associated with yoga shastra, vaidya shastra and tanrik shastra which helps in bringing inner peace and spiritual upliftment for the common man.

Temples are the hubs of high importance in our hinu religion and indian culture. The supreme necessity of the temple worship is propagated by greaat sages of the hindu religion. Temples have always played a significant role in enriching spiritualism in people.

There is an eternal divinity which is the ultimate cause for the creation as well sustenance of this universe. with all the radience of Goddess namely Goddess Sree Mahalekshmi, Goddess Sree Parameshwari, Goddess Sree Veda Swaroopini and Goddess Sree Mahakali, Sree Moola Bhagavathy is omni present in the temple who is an embodiment of love and motherliness that the devi showers upon any devotee and people who are living in around the temple localiity who seats that inimitable Goddess in his / her heart.


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